Lamar, Mary

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On Apr 24, 1904, a cyclone ripped out of the south, swept through the heart of Fairland to claim four lives and left a dozen persons injured. Twenty to Twenty-Five frame home and business buildings were lifted from their foundations. About fifteen of these were leveled. The dead: Mrs. Mary Lamar, Mrs. John Lemaster, Arthur Braught and Curtis Houk's baby. Injured were: Clarence Roller, Mrs. Dial, Mrs. Willie Pendergraft, W. C. Arcutt's baby, James Hardin, John Lemaster, Curtian and wife, D. M. Carter and Mrs. George Arnhart.
Fairland News Boy, Fairland Indian Territory,
Apr 29 1904

Ottawa County, Indian Territory / Oklahoma Early Newspaper Fragments
Fairland, Picher, Quapaw and Wyandotte, 1895-1934
by S J Mahurin
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